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Admirable Jewels Launch

Admirable Jewels Launch

Hi Everyone!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jennie Lau co-owner of Admirable Jewels.  This company is launched by me and my husband.  People are always curious about why and how we started our business so here is our story.

Admirable Jewels Store

Founded in 2014 by me and my husband (Dong), we are a fast growing family business.  We started our business as online only on Etsy. since then we have grown to selling in The Chelsea Market, The Broadway Market and Market 34 NYC.  Now we have our own little store tucked away in Dumbo, New York within The Shops 145 and have launched our own website too! My husband is the designer and maker, he focuses on only this. You will normally find him working with me on the weekends.

Work in progress, making jewelry

Well let me tell you, working with family is not easy.  Especially working with my husband.  He is so precise with detail that even the littlest thing is a problem.  It's great for the business because you can see it in his work, but for me, not as much.   I guess it's normal that we bicker at each other all day and everyday but in the end our work gets done, we love each other and our kids, that's all that counts right?

Chun is my brother, he does mainly photography, shipments and customizations at the shop.  He is quiet, shy and single.  So any singles out there? Come by our store, you never know.  ( I hope he doesn't read my blogs....)  You will normally find him at our shops Monday - Friday.

Chun at his work desk

I am in charge of all online and store interactions with customers, and well, basically everything except making the jewelry. Previously an ultrasound technician, I went from working in the medical field to having a jewelry company.  A lot of people tell me that it's a drastic change but for me, I don't feel like it's much difference, if anything I do a lot more work now.  The volume of people I see each day is a lot more.

My husband and I have two children.  One of each, they are 10 (Justin) and 8 (Melanie).  Justin - archaeologist/paleontologist in the making and Melanie  - actress/model/dancer in the making.  You can see Melanie's work through her website. We feel blessed with these two beautiful children.  They always help us prepare for our events.  They enjoy learning about the new stones we purchase.  Most of all, since they were young, they have never touched anything that they were not supposed to.  

Justin and Melanie

Our family is always out and about if we are not at work.  We love exploring and learning about nature.  Our inspiration for our jewelry stems from our children and their love of learning about nature.  Some of our designs and color combinations were Melanie's idea too!