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Spotted on Law and Order SVU

TV Show placements, Law and Order SVU

TV Show placements, Law and Order SVU

As many of our customers know, our jewelry has been spotted on many well known TV Shows, Celebrities, Youtube Influencers and even on some news outlets.

Customers always wonder how are we able to get our jewelry on the tv shows?  Well, for our company to have such amazing opportunities was truly pure luck and a lot of research and binge watching.  We also work with The Artisan Group.

Anyone a fan of Law and Order SVU?  Well, I am.  As one of the longest running Prime Time Drama shows, Law and Order was our first tv show placement.  Worn on by Tabitha Holbert wearing our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Hoop Necklace on Season 17 Episode 6, Air date 1/31/2016.


Our most recent placement on Law and Order was on Season 20 Episode 17, Air date 3/14/2019.  Our Lapis Lazuli Drop Necklace was spotted worn by Alison McCartan.

Spotting jewelry on TV shows is a difficult and long process.  Sometimes we have to watch it more than once in order to spot our pieces.  If we're lucky, we see it right away, if not, it can take hours or days to find.  Luckily we have some eagle eyed fans out there that can spot a piece of Admirable Jewels jewelry in an instant.

Our jewelry can be reused in different episodes, different characters and even different seasons.  Spotting it once doesn't mean it's done with.  Since the show is still ongoing and still in the works, who knows when our next piece will show up.  Maybe, it'll be the next episode.  Will you be watching it?

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