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From Christmas - Valentine's Day

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From Christmas - Valentine's Day

As the Christmas spirit is ending and the year almost done, we are changing our Holiday focus to Valentine's Day.  We have always been asked, why so fast?  Christmas just ended!  Well, the new year is coming and with the new year comes new energy, new focuses, new designs and new stones.

We focus on new styles, designs and or new stones to work with.  Making jewelry is always a never ending process.  There is always something new to learn and create.  We get inspired by simple everyday things, fashion, nature and our children.  We like to keep things simple, affordable with a touch of elegance.  Jewelry that can be worn for any occasion and lasts for years to come.

Valentine's Day is not only a day for you to share with someone you have a passionate relationship with.  It's a day to share with people you truly care about.  This is the second most celebrated day in most countries other than Christmas. Even if you are single right now, there is always someone by your side that truly cares for you for just being you.  It could be your family, your best friend, or even your pet.  Do something different this year.  Instead of just celebrating with your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, celebrate it with people you care about.  Send them a simple card, some fruit or most of all pick up your phone and give them a call. 

So what do we have in plan for Valentine's Day?  Well, it's a surprise.  Stayed tuned for new updates. But here is a sneak peak, we're keeping it nice and simple.






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