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Valentine's Day Ideas

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Valentine's Day Ideas
10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women

You ever get stuck trying to figure out what to buy for gifts?  Valentine's Day is fast approaching and here is a list of our favorite items for gifting.  For those of you that need just a little.... bit of help finding that perfect gift, read on.

If you want to go traditional and just buy a box of Chocolates, Red Wine and Roses feel free.  Those gifts are always welcomed, but is there anything special or different about them?  Did you gift those last year?  Do you gift the same thing every year?  Or..... do you want to do something different this year.

These are some of my favorite handmade artisans that deserve a spotlight for this special day.

Please note that the list is not in any particular order, all artisans mentioned are equally unique in their own different ways.

1. Dilena's Dolcini - Freshly baked artisan cookies. The best way to get into a person's heart is through their stomach.  I have tried all the cookies on their menu so far and they are all mouth-watering.....DELISH!  (Yes, I have literally tried them all.)  They look good, taste good and price is good.  Best of all, they deliver!

Dilena's Dolcini


2. Candles.NYC - Handmade non-toxic candles.  These candles not only smell good but are toxic free, eco-friendly, and made with essential oils.  They can be used as regular candles or massage candles.  Set the mood with some music.  Run your bubble bath, dim the lights and light your candle for a relaxing, romantic evening.

3.  DIY Gifts - A night out for Valentine's Day with your loved one can be costly.  There are plenty of DIY gift ideas that are easy, romantic and thoughtful.  Most of all it won't cost you an arm or a leg.  A lot of the ideas on the internet won't cost you much time either.  

Valentine's Day is not everyday so make it a special one this year.

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