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Our Story, our beginning

Our beginning
Launched in 2014 by husband and wife team Dong & Jennie.  We specialize in gemstone jewelry fit for everyday wear and for any occasion.  Every gemstone is handpicked and guaranteed for you to have your money's worth.  Our jewelry is customized on the spot if different lengths or sizes are needed.
Our daughter, our inspiration.
Our daughter, Melanie is our pride and inspiration.  Like all parents, their children is their pride and honor.  We always want the best for them and want to give them everything we can.  We don't expect anything in return, but would love the memories to never be forgotten.  We want our children to know that no matter how old they are, mommy and daddy will always be there for them and will always love them unconditionally.
Our business journey began when one day, we were searching for jewelry for our little girl.  We wanted to find something affordable, dainty, and lasts long.  Thinking I would be able to find it in a heart beat, boy was I wrong, I had a lot of trouble.  The problem was most of the jewelry out there are plated and the ones that did last long were only pure, solid gold.  So it was either spend a fortune on a piece that you're not sure she would like when she grows up or spend less on a piece of jewelry that you know would probably last a week.
Finding jewelry to match our daughter's dress for a wedding we were attending to was taking longer than we expected.  There was no in between for the style that we wanted.  It was either the cheap or the very expensive.  So my husband decided to make it.  With 10 plus years of working in the Diamond District setting stones, he put his skills to work.  Choosing gemstones and materials of his choice, his first piece took him a couple hours.  He made his first pair of cluster earrings.
This is how it all started.  This is the beginning of Admirable Jewels.  Our first collection was earrings.  As time went by and with more practice, he started creating necklaces and eventually rings. Now his passion for creating jewelry is even more than before with the continuous support from his fans and family from all over the globe.