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Moss Aquamarine Pear Shape Necklace


This beautiful handmade necklace features a natural Moss Aquamarine gemstone wrapped in your choice of 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. The perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

This item consists of:
- 100% Natural Moss Aquamarine (8.0 mm) 
- USA made 14k Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver (nickel free)
- Length pictured is 15 inches

What is Moss Aquamarine?
This stone is called Moss Aquamarine because, yes you guessed it, hence the name. It is because it contains moss within the stone giving it a light green color. During the formation of the Aquamarine, moss was entrapped within the stone.

Similar situations like this occur naturally like Ametrine, which is Amethyst and Citrine grown together and somehow fused together. That is why you see the yellow and purple in that stone. It is the same situation with Moss Aquamarine. If you look closely at the stone you will be able to see inclusions within the stone that is the moss.

All of our gemstones are 100% natural, genuine, and conflict-free. They are all ethically sourced from different countries and cut in India. All the jewelry is handmade in our NYC studio using high-quality metals such as 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, and Argentine Silver. All metals used are made in the USA and are lead and nickel-free.

All the gemstones we carry are natural and genuine unless otherwise specified. Each stone is unique and will vary in appearance to some degree. They might have slight imperfections or flaws, but it's something that makes the piece unique and one of a kind.