August Birthstone

Shop our handmade August Birthstone collection. August's Birthstone is Peridot and Spinel. Find your favorite Peridot & Spinel jewelry.

Choose the perfect gift that is affordable and long-lasting. Dainty, simple, and minimal for everyday wear or special occasions. Customizable necklaces for all styles. Peridot necklaces, Peridot Chokers, Peridot Bracelets, Peridot Anklets, Peridot Earrings, Peridot Studs, Peridot Rings. Spinel necklaces, Spinel Chokers, Spinel Bracelets, Spinel Anklets, Spinel Earrings, Spinel Studs, Spinel Rings.

Peridot comes in different shades of green but Spinel comes in a variety of different shades of purple, Spinel can also be black.  

Peridot is said to bring their wearer joy, confidence, and motivation.

The Spinel gemstone has only been added to the August birthstone list recently.  Spinels have been around as long as diamonds have been, but only recently has it gained more popularity and attention.  The GIA has officially announced adding Spinel as an August Birthstone.

Spinel is said to bring their wearer confidence, vitality, and protection.