Jewelry Care

• All our jewelry is nickel-free and waterproof, handmade in our New York Studio.

• Handmade for everyday wear.  If you want your jewelry looking fresh and new, take it off before you go to bed or while doing vigorous activities like going to the gym or mountain climbing etc...



•  You can clean your jewelry using a soft bristle toothbrush, soap and warm water.  Make sure you rinse off all the soap residue.  

•  Use a polishing cloth to gently rub the metal to bring back some of its shine and sparkle.

•  When the jewelry is not worn it is a good idea to place it in an air tight ziplock bag for storage to keep it looking new and slow the tarnishing especially for Sterling Silver items.

•  If your jewelry looks dirty, chances are it probably is.  If you shower with your jewelry on there is probably residue from the soap and some dead body cells collected on your jewelry.  Follow the directions above for cleaning. 

•  If the area between the stone and metal is turning black, it is most likely dirt, soap residue and dead body cells that has been collecting in the area over time.  This is normal.  You can clean it or opt for us to redo your jewelry at a fraction of the cost.  For more details email with your order #.