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October Birthstone

Opal & Tourmaline is the October Birthstone.  Both gemstones comes in many different shades.  

Opals are well known for the beautiful fire that comes from the stone.  They are also known for its fragility.  Opals are soft stones with a hardness of 5.5 -6.5 scale, compared to that of a diamond at 10.  Genuine Opals require special care.  

We currently carry:  Ethiopian Opals, Mexican Fire Opals, Pink Peruvian Opals and simulated White and Blue Opals from Japan.

Simulated Opals are also real Opals but are formed in the lab with supervision using the same environment as it would have if formed naturally.  Simulated Opals are also treated for it's hardness.  There is no care needed for simulated Opals.  Our simulated Opals are from Japan with high quality.

Opal are said to bring their wearer love, hope, innocence, purity, luck and happiness.

Green and Pink Tourmalines are the most sought after shades for this gemstone.  Tourmalines can be of different shades or a mix of shades in the same stone.

We currently carry all colors of this gemstone.

Tourmaline are said to bring their wearer inspiration, happiness and self-confidence.