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June Birthstone - Pearl and Moonstone

Pearl and Moonstone is the June Birthstone.  Both stones comes in many different shades.  

Pearls can be broken down into different quality. Most common and affordable types of pearls are cultured freshwater pearls.  Freshwater Pearls can be farmed and cultured anywhere, making it affordable.

Saltwater pearls are more expensive but also more brilliant in shine and color.  The most valuable salt water pearl to date are South Sea Pearls.  Saltwater pearls, if farmed and cultured can only be done in certain regions and in salt water only, hence the name.

We carry both salt water and freshwater pearls.  Our freshwater pearls are in white, cream, silver and pink shades.  Our saltwater pearls are farmed and cultured only in Japan, called Akoya Pearls.

Pearls are said to bring their wearer calm, faith, purity and balance.

Moonstones that we carry are of high quality with a brilliant blue flash.  They can be of clear to a white color.

Moonstones are said to bring their wearer intuition, energy, faith and fertility.