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Moss Aquamarine Pendant Necklace


This dainty necklace is minimal and simple, wrapped with 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver and a handmade frame. Great for everyday wear or for any occasion. Beautiful worn alone or layered. Suitable for all ages. All of our jewelry is handmade in our studio in New York. Every gemstone is handpicked for the best quality.

Item Description:

- 100% Natural Moss Aquamarine
- Pear (7.0 mm)
- USA made 14k Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver
- Chain Length imaged: 16 inches

Lead & Nickel Free

*Note* If length you would like to choose is not listed, please feel free to message us.

What is Moss Aquamarine?

This stone is called Moss Aquamarine because, yes you guessed it, hence the name. It is because it contains moss within the stone giving it a light green color. During formation of the Aquamarine, moss was entrapped within the stone.

Similar situations like this occur naturally like Ametrine, which is Amethyst and Citrine grown together and somehow fused together. That is why you see the yellow and purple in that stone. It is the same situation with Moss Aquamarine. If you look closely at the stone you will be able to see inclusions within the stone that is the moss.